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What sort of training is provided?

A highly effective tool offered to various groups of people to address and manage specific issues such as stress management, mental health awareness and many more, training programmes can be customised to the needs of the organisation.

Valley Psychological Services has conducted a wide range of training programmes for organisations, from corporate, government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and various populations.

Training is a highly effective tool that can be used to educate and empower groups of people to manage specific functions in their work environment. We create modules and implement training with proven success.

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Who uses our trainings?

Corporations & Organisations
Stress management training, mental health awareness training, conflict resolution, time management etc programmes for staff and management alike are among some of the training programmes offered to the corporate sector.


Government Agencies
Train personnel to successfully manage specific functions such

as identifying and managing mental health for victims of human trafficking/migrant workers/refugees, practising self-care for carers, training programmes and many more.

Non-Governmental Organisations
From training of social workers and counsellors to managing stress from work and its environments, the training programmes conducted greatly help individuals in this profession. Mental health awareness programs/de-briefing for NGO administration and mental health staff who work with people from natural disaster areas, people who have survived and may be living
or who have left war-zone countries.

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