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Tests and Assessments

An array of professional tests and measurements are available to assess and scientifically diagnose problems and disorders using proven empirical data (IQ tests for all age groups, behavioural, anxiety, mood disorder checklists, screening tools for special needs).

Our services also extend to assisting in matters of neurological testing to gauge memory problems, the extent of damage due to stroke, accidents and more.

Psychometric tests and assessments are recommended only if and when necessary. Depending on the tests, sessions can take between 15 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours. These tests can be administered only by a qualified clinical psychologist.

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Children & Adolescents

A diagnosis for ADHD, this questionnaire helps assess a child's behaviour in various settings to measure inattention, hyperactivity, oppositional tendencies and impulsivity.


Behaviour Test 
Questionnaire that checks on a child’s behaviour and measures a wide spectrum of behaviour and emotional lability.


Adaptive Behaviour Scales
This test measures a child’s adaptive level of functioning in various domains like communication, domestic skills, motor skills, maladaptive behaviours, etc and its correspondence to the age the child functions.


Intelligence Test for Children & Adolescents
A reliable measure of intelligence when screening for mental retardation, giftedness, learning difficulties or for other purposes.


Autism Rating Scales
Helps to identify children with autism and determine symptom severity through quantifiable ratings based on direct observation.

Young Adults & Adults

Adult Intelligence Scales
A test that measures intelligence in adults and older adolescents, this comprehensive test obtains verbal IQ, performance IQ and full-scale IQ.

Depression, Anxiety, Hopelessness, Suicide Inventories

The assessment delves into thoughts, emotions/feelings and behaviours associated with emotional and social impairment in adults. The clinical results/decision reached will help in planning effective intervention suited to each individual.

Personality Tests

An assessment to understand an individual’s personality, the personality test sheds light on behaviours and characteristics that drive a person.

Memory Tests

The memory test for adults is used to measure different memory functions and memory problems presented in an individual and can be used for people aged from 16 to 90 years old.

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