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Prashanth V. Kumar

Clinical Psychologist

Prashanth V. Kumar


Prashanth received his BSc Psychology degree from University of Leeds in the United Kingdom before subsequently obtaining a MSc degree in Health Psychology from the same university. Upon his return to Malaysia, he went on to work and volunteer for a variety of mental health causes, before receiving his Master of Clinical Psychology from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He brings a diverse array of experiences working with adult clients from various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds that have spanned across the government, non-government, and private sectors. As part of his work, he aims to deliver appropriate assessment and therapeutic services based on an individual’s needs, with a specific interest in incorporating mindfulness and acceptance-focused techniques into the therapeutic work to facilitate clients’ ability to hold and manage painful experiences while continuing to strive towards life goals in line with the person’s values. He is fluent in English and Malay.

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