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Urmilah Dass

Director / Clinical Psychologist

Urmilah Dass

"Sometimes all someone needs to do is to sit down and talk to a professional to feel better"

Urmilah Dass established Valley Psychological Services (previously known as Medic Valley Specialists) in 2006 and quickly gained a reputable name in her practise among her clients and peers. She sees individual clients from all ages, couples and families. Her extensive experience in various parameters of psychological environments as well as her empathy and compassion make her an excellent therapist. Urmilah is the first clinical psychologist who kicked off the Sensory Motor Instructional Learning Experience (S.M.I.L.E.) programme for children with special needs at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), which was an unqualified success. She was also part of the multi-disciplinary team that ran the Obesity clinic for children and adolescents. Upon completion of her post-graduate training she worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders-Belgium chapter) in Kuala Lumpur, working mostly with refugees, the UNHCR and other NGOs. She conducted training for NGOS and provided supportive therapy for refugees at MSF clinics as well as at the Semenyih Detention camp. At her private practice, Urmilah sees clients, provides de-briefing services and training. Her strength lies in selecting and using from a wide range of psychotherapy and psychometric assessments that serves the client’s best interest. Urmilah’s services also extend to patients and clients of Prince Court Medical Centre as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. While she provides a similar service to the Centre as in her private practise, Urmilah works side by side with a multidisciplinary team from various departments such as pediatrics, gynaecology, rehabilitative medicine, neurology, cardiology, etc. In addition, she conducts talks and training for the Centre’s corporate clients. She currently supervises the Golden SMILEs program at her center run by psychology graduates. Urmilah was also an adjunct lecturer at the HELP-CAT University College. Her psychology undergraduates deeply appreciate her vast hands-on experience in the field of psychology as she facilitates their knowledge and understanding in academic theories by involving them in ‘hands-on’ experiences. Urmilah is often pursued by the media and NGOs for her expertise in various psychological capacities. She is also a sought-after speaker to spread awareness on various mental health issues.

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